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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Friday Five!

"I'm Hot For Teacher"

1. Who was your favorite all time teacher(s)?

Tough one as I was lucky to have so many great teachers. Of course I
barely remember some of the names, but for my High School: My Psych
teacher, the TV/AV teacher who ran the Radio/TV station at school, Mr
Peasley my History and Anthroplogy teacher. College: Rudi Volti who
taught me Sociology and the Zen of Motorcycles; Bob Albert who taught
me about Gifted Child Psych and why Health Care should be a right not
a luxury; Al Whachtel who taught me Sociology and opened my mind up to
Epic and Scripture; Harry Senn my French Teacher who also wrote a
monograph on Werewolf legends of Romainia. Pitzer really had an
amazing staff back then.

But the teacher I think of most when I teach is Mrs. Ustruck. She
treated us like adults though were are 8 and 9 yr olds. Called us
"people!" when we misbehaved, and taught us with love, respect and

2. What did they teach?

Well see above.

3. What is your best memory from class?

Which class? One of my favorite memories from College Classes was a
once a week class class my friend George and I had on Wednesday Nights
- it was a Psychiatrist's view of Psycology. Anyway George and I
would go and then head out to the Wed Night Frat party on Pomona
Campus. One night he decided he wanted to "acutally learn something"
so instead of sitting in the back of the class with me cracking jokes,
he sat in the front. (I got an A in this class so we did learn

So the Prof asks the class "what is Lycanthropy". Now I know this
question, but I'm thinking I can get George. Wait for it, Wait for
it... NO ONE in the class knows the answer. So the Professor says:
Werewolves. I look at the floor so no one can see my face and simply
say: "there wolf, there Castle."

George cracks up in the front of the class. He could run but he couldn't hide.

PS that is a joke from Young Frankenstien

4. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher and if so who?

I think I had a crush on one of the student teachers in Primary
school. Otherwise my schools were very popular with teachers so we
tended to have only older more experienced teachers on campus.
Nothing like the young hotties I teach with in the Inner City schools.

5. What is the craziest/wildest/weirdest thing you (or someone you
know) ever did at school?

Since my family reads this I cannot tell you.
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