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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The letters not yet sent

I have carefully scrubbed the letters clean of any referrences to names or places, but you can glean the gist of the two.

I have been counseled caution in sending the Superintendent letter as apparently the man has "good and bad" days. However I think it is extreemly professional and I just can't see how anyone could react to it badly.


Dear ______ Family

Please accept my deepest apologies for the incident that happened on Monday March 13, 2006 with your daughter during my substitute teaching of Mrs. _____'s class.

While explaining a problem to the math class, your daughter began wandering around the room causing a disruption. It was after three attempts to have her sit down that I called her a "smartass" for walking as slowly as possible back to her seat during this math period. This was of course completely unprofessional and I do apologize profusely.

I am quite happy to write this letter of apology, as this is language that we strictly avoid in school. Obviously I should have called upon the disciplinary procedures that are in force at the School to solve the disruption your daughter was causing in the classroom. That I lost my composure after the third attempt to have your daughter sit down was inexcusable. That I used the term "Smartass" to describe her behavior during that time was deplorable.

I hope you and your family accept my heartfelt apology for this incident and let it in no way reflect upon the fine teachers and administration of the School.


Mr H.

Dear Superintendent.

Please find my typed notes(transcribed from my handwritten notes written immediately after)on the incident, and the letter of apology I have written as per your request regarding the incident at _______ on March 13, 2006. I am very sorry I have created this incident. I come to you "hat in hand."

The facts speak for themselves. I made a huge mistake by calling a student a smartass for her actions. I do not deny this, I brought it to the Principal's attention less than 15 min after I did it, and have apologized for it in writing. That this is my first year of substituting after spending 25 years in Corporate Sales and Marketing I hope can be taken into account at some level. A rookie error if I may.

The purpose of this letter is to very respectfully ask you reconsider banning me completely from the School. I understand that you, the Principal nor I would be interested in me doing anything with Grade 6 in that school. As the school is in cluster classes, in no way would I interact with Grade 6 due to the layout of the school unless assigned to that pod.

However I have had great experiences with grades 2,4 and 5 covering Ms K, Ms W and Ms J. The former two have asked for me by name for return substituting visits to the School, and the latter has told me she would ask for me again. I love their classes and would hate to not be able to be there again. This is not hubris on my part, but simply stating that the incident with the 6th grade class was an anomaly in a year of very positive substituting experiences.

If I may do some boostering for myself: I'm sure Mr. E at _______ would be happy to give you his opinion of the work I have done at his school. J_______ from the sub service can attest to my willingness to take any assignment, and the number of times teachers specifically ask for me during the year.

I feel I can continue to be an asset to the entire district if you would please allow me to continue to substitute at grades K - 5 at the School.

This is important to me because once I get my credentials I really want to teach in the School District at the Primary level, and would not want this incident to be the last thing people remember from my experiences at the School.

Thank you for your consideration of this.


Mr H
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