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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A rare day off

Well I never got that call, so officially had a school day off on Tuesday.

I did get a bunch of stuff done, like getting all my trading hobby responsibilities finally burned and in envelopes, including some surprise gifts for some non trading friends. I also played "Battle for Middle Earth", which I just got recently as it finally dropped to $19.99 (the most I'll pay for a PC Game).

I was not completely off, as I had RS as well. But instead of having to go to the store, I attended a required meeting at the Rotterdam store regarding the new Americans with Disablilties Act. I learned such revelationary things as not to call an Autistic a "mongoloid idiot" (yes that was in the manual) and that we have to spend millions of dollars (as a nation not RS) to change the signs from "Disabled Parking" to "Accessible Parking". Ah America. Where any idiot with a lawyer can wreak havoc in Corporate Daily life.

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