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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sometimes I just wake up mad

This would come as no surprise to my mom who used to call me the bear, or my wife for that matter.

But I don't wake up angry at anyone in particular, just the stupidity of the world in general.

Here are a few:

For 30 years, Scientists (those are those men and women who actually study and learn about their field) have been decrying the CO2 problems in the atmosphere. Instead of listening to these learned people we elect Politicians and their junk science who say: no these learned people are wrong. Pachyderm loving SUV driving Americans. Who needs them.

All down through history there has always been a category of people who Think-They-Know-Better-Than-You-On-How-To-Live-Your-Life. This debate fueled the Federalist Papers in fact. Now a days it seems that all the telling how to run my life comes from the Right. And they are in power. And it makes me angry. I live in America, land of the FREE. I don't need some pasty paunchy late middle aged politician legislating whether gays can get married, what a man and a woman (or any combination of those two therein) can do behind closed doors, or if my wife or daughter can terminate her pregnancy, or a host of other things that the Pachyderm Brigade’s Moral Superiority makes them think they can legislate.

And their Alleged Moral Superiority gets my goat. How come the so called Red states have the highest divorce rates, Domestic violence rates, abortion rates, and unmarried mother rates? Sheer hypocrisy.

Don't think I'm on a Right bashing campaign. The left has me very upset as well. Do they think America is going to elect Hillary? How stupid is that? When the Left was in disarray at the midterm elections for Bill's first term, Newt and his Contract on America people swept into office on the coattails of public dissatisfaction with something we call an "agenda". The Dems could take some notes, as they sure as hell don't have an agenda. They don't even have a plan. Pathetic.

Know what else gets me pissed. Somehow the American public has given the keys to the proverbial Hen house to the wolves. Have you checked the résumé’s of the cabinet members of this Administration? It reads like a CEO's "Who's Who". And we are surprised that Corporate Profits are way up while the economy is still sluggish? We are surprised that with the highest prices for fuel today, Oil Companies are posting their largest profits ever? I'm very sick of watching these rich laissez faire technocrats turning back the clock on every front that improved the lot of Joe Lunchbucket. And I'm really mad at Joe Lunchbucket for re-electing them.

There are so many more, but I've just run out of time....
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