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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about
My most important or memorable concerts.

1. 25+ Grateful Dead shows. 14 in the 20th Anniversary tour alone. Wonderful memories of shows with my brother, wife, and friends.

2. 4 NEARfest, going on 5. Best collection of Progressive music of any concert "festival" series going on now or in the past.

Bands are in reverse order of appearance.

NEARfest 2002
Day One
Nektar Echolyn Isildurs Bane Miriodor La Torre dell'Alchimista
Day Two
Steve Hackett Caravan Enchant Gerard Spaced Out

NEARfest 2003
Day One
Magma The Flower Kings Tunnels Alamaailman Vasarat High Wheel
Day Two
Camel Änglagård Kraan Glass Hammer Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

NEARfest 2004
The Musical Box
Day One
Univers Zero Mike Keneally Band Richard Pinhas Pallas Yezda Urfa
Day Two
Strawbs Planet X Sean Malone Metamorfosi Hidria Spacefolk

NEARfest 2005

PFM Proto-Kaw
Day One
IQ Present Steve Roach Frogg Café Wobbler
Day Two
Le Orme Kenso Matthew Parmenter The Muffins Knight Area

Wow thats a lot of bands! To be fair I missed Le Orme completely and left early for The Stawbs and Steve Hackett.

3. US festival in the 82.
Gang of Four, The Ramones, The English Beat, Oingo Boingo, The B-52's,
Talking Heads, The Police [Rankin' Roger from the English Beat joined the
Police at the end of their set].Dave Edmunds, Eddie Money, Santana, The Cars, The Kinks, Pat Benatar, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

I left the second night and missed the third day completely: Grateful Dead, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Buffet, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac.

4 Bruce Springsteen at the Madison Square Garden. Saw with my wife, three hours of show, quite amazing.

5. Nancy Griffith. Seen her twice with my wife. My wife loves her and so going with my wife to see her is very imporant to me, and I love her music live too.

6. Camel. I know its twice, but one of my first concerts was the SJCPA in 1978, a popular bootleg by the way as it was broadcast on FM. Amazing show, and very moving for me.

7. Yes at the Pepsi in Albany. Long convoluted story but the bottom line is I saw the original members of Yes from the second row center. A near religious experience.

8. Moody Blues at Spac. Memorable for two reasons, though I've now seen them two more times. One was it was my first MB show, second because I met John Lodge backstage to sign his vinyl re release of a solo album he had done.

9. Netherworld. Micro prog band from San Jose who has gotten some attention long after their disbandment. One of my very first concerts, one not to be forgotten.

10. Angel. Ok a guilty pleasure from when I was much younger. Stage show designed by a major magician at the time.

11. Devo live in LA. Really FUN show, with the video synched to the drum kit for the first 5 songs.

12. Rush Moving Pictures. Not the most amazing tour, but again early in my concert going experience and I went with my brothers. Still have a picture somewhere of us on the BART platform looking very young and long haired

And last but maybe should be first

13. The Wall Live at the LA Sports Arena. Bought the ticket outside the area for face value, sat with a two ex Marines back from the far east, one of whose girlfriends had gotten sick. We smoked some.... and it was a very cosmic experience.

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