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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mikey's home that we want to improve.

1. Put in thermopane windows.

2. Raise the floor of the Sunroom and put radiant hot water heater pipes under.

3. Cut the wall between the Sunroom and the Kitchen just below where the cabinets are now and open that up so we can serve light meals in the Sunroom.

4. Fix the plumbing in the laundry area so the water flows decently.

5. Push out the window wall of the Kitchen in order to make a breakfast nook.

6. Do some finishing of the basement. This may be dreaming though, as it is a dirt floor and stone slabs instead of a poured foundation.

7. Repaint the house completely, including the front porch.

8. Put in a back porch, I'd like to put it over the sunroom, not sure what L has in mind.

9. Completely rip apart the "attic", pull the lanoleum, the wainscoating, then insulate, clean and make into a real room preferrabley for "A".

10. Put a bow or bay window in the "home office" make it into a small guest room.

11. Take "A's" room and make it into a "home office" and the entrance to the back porch.

12. Purchase the "lot" next door and make our land into a double lot, thus leaving room for pushing the kitchen out that way.

13. Buy a chateau outside of Paris. Ok not strictly home improvment, just general "digs" improvement. :-)

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