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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Mikey believes you may not have known.

1. Health care is a right not a luxury.

2. A woman has the right to decide in the first trimester if she wants to carry to term.

3. Fundamentalism, be it Christian, Judiaism, or Muslim is the greatest threat to Democracy today.

4. Its the moral responsibility of Government to take from the haves and give to the have nots. It is the moral responsibility of the wealthy to care for the indigent. If they cannot or will not the Government must step in.

5. Left to their own devices, Corporations will, take advantage of their workers, to the workers detriment and the Corporation's profit. This is the Walmart Scenario.

6. Left to their own devices, especially in a monopsonistic situation, Corporations will price gouge and generally overcharge as much as they can. This is the Exxon Scenario.

7. Every person has the right to privacy from his or her Government, and that Government does not have the right to abrogate this basic human right in any circumstance. The so called "Patriot Act" is simply a modern version of the Alien and Seditions Act.

8. Minority hiring practices do NOT hold back minorities, they advance them. Any argument to the contrary is specious thinking by majorities. Affirmative Action works.

9. We cannot expect the working poor to raise their children in a morally uplifting and non violent atmosphere when the role models from their community espouse violence in their music and video games in order to make a quick buck.

10. Fetal Stem Cell research is one of the most promising forefront of scientific research today. Present American policy on this serves only to put American researchers in the backwaters. It does not stop the research, nor slow it down, it just moves it to other countries where someone else will reap the benefits.

11. Global warming is a fact. Any argument to the contrary is simple wishful thinking or head in the sand reactions.

12. You cannot cut taxes, spend more, and expect the economy to do well. The stock market will do well, as will corporations, but sooner than later the average worker will stop spending as his income remains stagnant and his cost of living goes up. Any fourth year economist can tell you this.

13. Allowing homosexual men and women to marry does not cause moral decay, nor does it make the value of my marriage less.

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