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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The week that was and is.

Sunday - Really slow day at the shack. However the day was saved by D&K coming out from NH and taking us to Outback. We had a wonderful time as we usually do with them and ate quite well. I had the Jackaroo Chops which I am embarrassed to say I get EVERY TIME! Got my teaching call on Monday for my fave 5th grade class so with that I was requested and booked all the way through the week.

Monday - Ended up very pleasant, as the "seatwork" the teacher had left was challenging for them, especially the maths so I worked one on one going around the room teaching improper, mixed and adding fractions. Very nice day and the BSA meeting was pleasant too.

Tuesday - Pre-K. Cake. Especially since BOTH women were out and they subbed a certified teacher for the TA. I provided the structure as I been in that room a lot before, and she dived right in and did most of the actually work, like circle time etc. I've asked for her again if the Teacher and TA know they are both going to be out.

Wednesday and Tomorrow.- Not Cake. The most difficult 4th grade class in the school. The last time the perm sub took two days off they had to get two different subs, the first would not go back. They fight, lie, cheat and they steal. At least most of them did today. HOWEVER, I read them the riot act at the beginning of the day, and then set up a "carrot", lunch club back at the room. Being bad got you knocked out, being good back in. They all ended up qualifying for lunch club. As usual I took it one step too far and took them out for 15 min to play as it was not too cold. Two of them got into a fight and then when I sat the one down who had started every time I turned my back some threw rocks at him. Very uncivilized children.

Friday - Kindergarten.

Monday next - My fave 4th grade class.

Tuesday next - My fave Kindergarten.

Nice to be asked for, especially after missing two days of work two weeks ago due to having more subs than openings.

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