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Monday, March 06, 2006

The weekend and more.

Not much going on this weekend, and I was just gassed by Friday night, so somehow I didn't hit the blog Saturday or Sunday.

Work was a total bust, very quiet on Saturday and Sunday, only sold two cell phones all weekend. I did get alot of reading done however. Finished the Narnia books and caught up on some of my Economist's.

I was able to avoid going to a meeting on Satuday from 10am to 1pm and THEN going into work till 930 thank god. They made one more meeting time on Tuesday evening so I can go during what would be my normal work hours. I told my boss that I just couldn't add any more hours, especially on a Saturday. This way I do the meeting on Tuesday instead of sitting around at the store, as the weeknights are VERY quiet.

Had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Special Education assignment today, one which I chose over two other possible assignments. I like a good challenge. We had some fun, and they even told me the way I was teaching them the short and long vowels was "fun". Their words not mine. That is satisfaction.

But as I write this, tomorrow is the first night I don't know where I am going since the Winter Break. The Math National Tests for 4,5 6 are the next three days so I'm guessing that unless someone is sick, those classes will have their teachers in them.

One political commentary

Here is a radical viewpoint from the middle left. As you must be aware, the new anti-abortion law signed into law today in SD is fully crafted to fly straight to the Supreme Court so the Right wing weenies can finally over turn Roe vs Wade.

How bout this idea? Instead of the Radical Left weenies challenging it, just let it stand. Wouldn't that just leave the Right swinging in the wind?

A fantasy I realize....

Here is how I see things. First of all, even if it does go "badly" for pro-choice adovacates at the Supreme Court, the worst case scenario would be that States would have the right to limit abortions in their states. It would not create a Federal Mandate to outlaw Abortion.

Now I ask the hard questions here, is it really that bad if some states limit this procedure? Especially if the people in that state feel that it is not something they want? It is a Democracy still, well mostly.

Furthermore, as the Democrats are finally figuring out, the Abortion debate is thier Albatross and they need to stop letting it hang around their neck. My personal views on this are stated in the Thursday Thirteen from this week, but the fact of the matter is that America is rather conservative, and flailing away at issues that a majority of Americans do not agree with does nothing for taking back the country from the Religeous Reich.

BUT and this is a big but, I think the Right wing weenies are in for a surprise at the Supreme Court. I think Precident will take weight over Judicial Activisim.

At least I hope so.

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