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Monday, March 13, 2006

What is it about weekends recently?

I just don't seem to get on the blog and write.

It was an uneventful weekend mostly. Sunday I utilized the laptop at the store and a very slow day to burn 22 shows I had received in lossless compressed form on 3 data DVD's. Took most of the day so it's good I was able to do it during the down times at the store. Can't think how long it might have taken if I had tried to do it during my home down time.

Monday was unfortunately not uneventful. I got my substitute call this am to go to another Primary School which is not my usual place to substitute for a 6th grade class. The 3 teachers there are doing a great idea in that they have the classes move from classroom to classroom as they do Math, Science and Social Studies. The teacher I was subbing for teaches Math so I had three Math classes in succession today. The problem arose during the middle period which was full of possibly the rudest students I have ever had so far. The short fact is that after asking one of the girls to sit down three times I told her to stop being a smart ass and sit down.

Sure enough one of the parents called the Principal for that school so I have to call the Principal tomorrow and probably write an apology letter to the class. I have no problem with that because what I said was wrong, and I lost my cool. Hopefully this will close the problem and (barring 6th grade) I will be welcome to sub there again. My handler has gone to bat for me and that Principal, though she knows me less well than the one at my usual school, agrees I am a good sub.

I guess this is the part of life where I am tested as to whether I really want to teach in these inner city schools. The older kids are so disrespectful sometimes. sigh.

Tomorrow I am doing Kindergarten again, back at my usual school so that will be a welcome relief.

Also today L's mom was admitted to the hospital and will have to have her Gall Bladder removed. We don't know all the particulars, like what caused her to go to the hospital, although we are quite worried we are confident she will do fine and come out as healthy as possible.

So today has not been a red letter day in any respect. Well we all have those days don't we.
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