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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wow 500 Blog Posts!

Not shaping up to be a good week.

Woke up this am at 3am with cramps going BOTH legs, I guess what you would call my groin muscles. Excruciating pain. Took 5 min to walk and stretch it off in the middle of the night.

Spoke to the Principal this am, and yes she wants me to write the family a letter of apology. However the Superintendent was very quick to tell her that I wasn't to sub in that School at all. She was not too pleased to tell me. Felt like a punch in the tummy, though I have only subbed in that school maybe 7 times. Once I draft the apology note, I'm going to type up my handwritten incident notes and write a letter to the Superintendent appealing to just not being able to do 6th grade in that school. Which I would never want to do anyway. I'll be using the word Draconian in my letter.

L's mom won't be going under the knife till at least Friday and is in a lot of pain. I don't have the whole story so I don't know why it will take till then to remove the gall bladder. L & A went up there this evening and then L brought A back home as it was pretty grim apparently. Seeing his Nanna in pain after loosing his great grandmother. Not that this is a cake walk for L either.

ONE thing did happen today good. I was in my usual school today and my Principal called me in when I was signing in to tell me that there was an Administrative Assistant job opening up as his Assistant "in case I was interested". Now he wouldn't have said that to me if he had not at least briefly visualized me doing the job. So I got my resume updated with RS and subbing and faxed it in to the District. Today was the last day it was "open". It pays 32 to 40 and starts "now". He really needs an assistant. YES it would mean I'd stop subbing, but it would also mean a steadier job with better pay and I could really think about going back to school.
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