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Monday, April 10, 2006

Boys Night In

So we wasted our evening with Doom the movie. We rented War of the Worlds, Doom and King Kong, but A wanted to see Doom.

I'm sure he enjoyed it more than I. If you are a fan of Doom I, and loved all the great monsters in it.... don't exect it in this. In fact there was only one "type" of monster, what I guess you would call the Imp.

The story is LAME. The acting is strained. The special effects are BORING. They even put a 1st person shooter sequence in to appease the lame fan boys who wanted to see that sort of thing.

So this is a total waste of 2 hours. Even the Unrated version (probably because of the blood and gratuitous use of boobs) is a sleeper.

So I guess I didn't like it.
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