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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Friday Five!

Well the Friday Five for today was lame, so I dipped back one year.

Marvelous Music

1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought?

Record - Probably Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever.
Tape - Really no idea
CD - Best of the Grateful Dead (and I didn't have a CD player yet)

2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer?


3. What have you been listening to lately?

My i-pod on shuffle. Just before that I was listening to the Chill Station on XM quite a lot

4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast?

Commercial Radio is Dead. Clear Channel Killed It. XM and Sirius are now the only way to listen to a "radio". I love the Prog/Jam station on XM but they are cancelling it. The Chill station is very high on my list.

5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to?

God is God by Juno Reactor.
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