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Monday, April 03, 2006

Idiot Science
I started to write this Monday but somehow I closed it before finishing, so I wrote it now and back dated it.

I finally finished the three part series on Global Warming that the New York times published last year. I have alluded to some of the facts in the series in earlier blogs as I had scanned one of the articles. I had put off reading them because I thought it would be depressing. It was....

What really got my goat though was the third article which traced some of the Bu$hCo Administration's positions on Global Warming. Remember before the 2000 election GWB actually called global warming "an issue we need to take very seriously." This is a definition of taking seriously I was not previously aware of.

"When we make decision , we want to make decisions on sound science" was what he said in Feb 2002. So Bu$hCo turned to the one group they knew they could trust, Big Business. Conclusions made by their scientists concluded "Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion are beneficial to life on earth". (Because plants like C02 I guess).

Never mind that most of that life lives in coastal areas that will be inundated by the rising sea levels as the earth warms. Never mind that temperatures on the planet to day are on the average higher then they have been since the Pliocene era. By the way the study was done by a group called the "Greening Earth Society" which if pushed will admit that they were created by the Western Fuels Association, a utility group.

It gets better. One of the Bu$hCo's shills in the Senate is Sen Inhofe, the chairman of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee. In a speech to the Senate floor this allegedly well read man called global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American People." And who was one of his main sources of information? An august scientist? Nobel laureate? No, it was a Science Fiction writer named Michael Crichton.

The goal of Bu$hCo's policies is no global emissions limitations of Co2. This is no secret agenda, it is simple policy fact. It is what you get when the White House Staff and Cabinet are also a Corporate Who's Who. The proverbial Wolves watching the Chicken house. Since Kyoto is in all accounts dead, the world is moving forward. In the most recent C.O.P.-10 in Argentina the US laid out it's proposals for it to be part of the solution to Global Warming.

Before hand the US delegation issued a page of conditions however. One of which was that the meeting mapping out the post Kyoto Accord discussions would "be a one-time event held during a single day". Another was that if they were going to discuss the future, the future would be barred from discussion. Presentations would be limited to "informational exchange on existing national policies". Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it?

So on top of all this, the Bu$hCo's favorite leak source, Robert Novak came out with an attack piece on James Hansen Monday challenging Global Warming. The article itself is of little importance, it just another attack on a Bu$hCo critic from the Dogs of War on the right. What got me was his flippant statement in the mid beginning of his op ed piece stating
"But it is not a matter of industry's allies in government nullifying unanimous
scientific opinion. The scientists are divided, and Hansen and his friends are
using political tactics to try to prevail."

Pure Rovian tactics taken directly from Goerbels. The big Lie. It's been a Bu$hCo tactic since their first days in office. Why I get excited about the statements from a man who in all rights should be under indictment for his revealing the name of a CIA operative is beyond me, but I guess we all need a hobby.

Now to be fair, Bu$hCo didn't create Global Warming, it has been steadily happening since the turn of the last Centruy. And it was the Clinton Administration that put aside the Kyoto Accords, though it was because the Republican Senate would never pass it. But as Bu$hCo friend Tony Bliar says that only "timely action" on climate change will avert "disaster".

This is the year for sensible people to take back the House, and maybe the Senate, and here I do mean Democrats. 2008 is the time for sensible people to take back the White House. At this point I don't care if it's McCain or Hillary. Both have shown actual sense as opposed to the idiot science Bu$hCo lives and breathes each day.
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