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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Been taking it easy on the discipline the last few days, just chilling.

Teaching - Interesting week, Thursday was a half day. Friday was a hell day, had to suspend a kid for making an improvised weapon and zinging another kid with a small pencil sharpener. March has been a very difficult month for us and the kids. I am frankly amazed how violent these little children can be.

The Shack - Slow to medium week. Sold a cell phone last night so thats still about 1.5 per week, as opposed to 1.5 per day.

No Friday Five or Thursday Thirteen this week. Was too lazy on Thursday, and on Friday Al was cracking the whip all night. This is when I usually do those two "list" posts, but it was just busy enough that I doubt I'd have been able to do them anyway.

Carmina brought me my Ipod last night, so the week is not a total loss.

What is going on my ipod to start with.

Tons of chill as I had those on my Hard Drive anyway.
Three remastered Grateful Dead albums.
Some "desert island prog" downloads.
Hawkwind box set, a nice retrospective of the band.
Steely Dan Aja
First four Beach Boys alums
Genesis Seconds Out
Bowie's 30th Anniv Diamond Dogs
Jazz for a Rainy Day complilation.

Paste Magazine's Podcast
Steve Hackett Podcast

Just how long does it take to fill an ipod? lol.

I test bit torrented an episode of the L word just check how the video portion is. Its' really cool. I need to find a free Mpeg to M4V or whatever the video extension is for ipod so I can catch up on Surface and Hex.

What fun.
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