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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Star Trek Armada

Sunday night I went over to FYI and for just $4.99 got a used copy of a Star Trek Four Pak which included Armada I and II and Elite Force I and II.

So like 1.25 a game.

And Armada is FUN! It's completly mindless of course. Not as second by second involving as Star Fleet Battles, which sometimes are just too complicated. In this you build ships and stations, research, build etc. All so you can apply a can of Whup Ass to the opposition. You start playing the Federation, then you change to Klingons, then apparently to Romulans, and then I think back to being Jean Luc himself.

There are CGI movies which connect the various scenarios into a connected plot as it were. Today I got so caught up in Martok beating up Romulans that I lost track of time and was almost late for my second job.

Weeee what fun.
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