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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thar Be Wherewolves Har!!

Against much strong support for the second episode of Season Two of Doctor Who in the Yahoo groups I read, I must voice my concern.

It's not really working that well.

Ok yes the effects are great. Ok yes the Doctor and Rose are mega cute. Ok yes the oooooo Scottish Moors, Full Moon and Howling Creature were oh so scary (not).

But what was the point of the episode? Was it simply a vehicle to introduce the Torchwood Institute and set up a future collision between them and the Doctor?

And what did happen to the bald monks in red? And does anyone really care?

I did think that there was a very funny line, when the Lord of Torchwood Manor asks the Doctor, Rose and the Queen if they thought it strange that all the staff was gone, the Doc quipped "Well your wife gone, lots of tall bald atheletic men hanging about, I thought you were just happy".

So what have we proved in two episodes. That once again Davies needs to STOP writing scrips and get on with producing and let people who can actually write scripts to do the scripting. We have learned that even with 44 min of air time, Dr. Who cannot even touch the complexities and engaging characterizations of Battlestar Galactica. In short, we are getting the short shrift while Davies keeps hogging up the scrip writing.

So on to next week! We get Sarah Jane Smith and K9 in a guest appearance. We get Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy's Rupert Giles) as a villan. But will we get a plot?

Only the shadow knows for sure.
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