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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about
Things I DID get accomplished on my "Vacation".

If you read last week's TT you know that I was officially off teaching from Good Friday till this comming Sunday. Good Friday plus the Spring Break. I was off Sunday and Monday from the Shack as well due to Easter, and the Mall being closed. Otherwise my Vacation included working 28 hours at the Shack. Yes indeed thats my version of a vacation.

1. Raked and bagged up the remaining leaves in the back yard. I did not do the pile in the very back.

2. Cleaned up the basement.

3. Took 10 gargage bags of recycling to the store. That netted $23, almost not worth the effort.

4. Went through all the magazines in the Sunroom. Made up 3 bags of recycling. Tied up the Smithsonians, Scientific American's and Food & Wine's by complete year. I will either donate them or try to unload them on Ebay.

5. Cleaned out my closet in my office. One huge bag of trash from there.

6. Did quite a bit on the Vinyl Project. First five Saga Albums, the core mid career Eloy (SCME, Clouds, Planets, TTT), ELP's WBMFttStNE, and two Midnight Oil LP's.

7. Went for a lovely hike around Peebles Island in Cohoes on Tuesday. This is a state park, and was a Patrol Event for this month. Wonderful day, I have pics but have not decided where to post them. Then A and I ran some errands and had lunch out side.

8. Completed all my trade responsibilites except one, including getting the BOC and HW DVD's out.

9. Stayed up late, and slept in on T, W, Th. Much needed psychologically.

10. Spent all day Thursday fixing a co-workers son's computer. Tried everything to make it run faster - speed disc, anti virus, anti pest. Finally just backed up the My Docs and re-installed windows. Then I did all the XP updates, and it does run a heck of a lot faster though.

11. I did Read, but not enough.

12. I did some general house cleaning, but nothing spectacular.

13. I did NOT, update my trade list, Played heroclix with "A", or fix our bikes. But I think 12 good strongs things to claim to have done is good enough.

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