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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about
Things I'd like to get accomplised on my "Vacation".

I am officially off teaching from tomorrow till next Sunday. Good Friday plus the Spring Break. I am off Sunday and Monday as well due to Easter, and the Mall being closed. Otherwise my Vacation includes working 28 hours at the Shack. Yes indeed thats my version of a vacation.

1. Rake and bag all the leaves in the back yard. This could take the whole time on it's own. There is a pile of clippings from the past two years in a pile at the very back of the yard that could go too.

2. Update my trade list. I do this every vacation, as it is a half day affair.

3. Clean up the basement including the extant recycling that has fallen down the basement stairs.

4. Take all the backed up recycling bottles to the store and cash them in.

5. Play some Hero Clix with "A". I organized his hero's into teams and experience levels a couple of months ago.

6. Get our bikes' fixed. Mines needs a new back tyre and possibly a new back rim. His needs a new tyre I think.

7. Do one general housecleaning, including, POSSIBLY, mopping the hardwood floors.

8. Work a bit on the Vinyl Project. This is where I record my old Vinyl via my stand alone CD burner and then convert them to high quality MP3's for back up purposes.

9. Make sure I'm totally up to date on all my trade responsiblities. This is one area that just doens't get done while I am working two jobs.

10. Finish mastering the BOC and HW concerts I promised people and get those DVD's out.

11. Perhaps strip down the 10 speed I salvaged for "A" from the alley last summer and start to rebuild it. Perhaps.

12. Figure out what's wrong with a co-worker's computer, and have it done for her by the time we go back to school.

13. Read. Read. Read. Read. and Read.

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