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Monday, May 29, 2006

Brother Update

He is now well out of the coma, off nearly all tubes and wires, soon to be out of ICU and expressed to his father and mother tonight that he just wants to be "well and happy." That is all we wish, too. He is still quite compromised with his lung situation -- lingering pulmonary edema, a pulmonary embolism (small, thank goodness) and related phlebitis in his left arm which are being treated with blood thinners (the arm looks better already), and of course getting slowly back into food (a high protein diet but very slowly, mostly liquid, as 14 days with tubes in his throat was quite damaging to his swallowing ability). Tonight he so much wanted a particular kind of ice cream bar he loves, but the doctor said not yet.

The good news is he is awake, and determined to get well, remembers nothing of what happened.

His company, has been more than supportive -- visits and assurances of complete medical coverage beyond insurance if necessary. Andrew's daughter (7 1/2) wrote him a letter which we took over tonight and that pleased him; I recorded his children's voices (his sons are 6 and almost 4) night before last and that was a thrill for him; and his wife is keeping things together in his absence from home.

His father has been and will continue to be very helpful in carrying out of the best medical alternatives for him moving forward. Fortunately, Andrew is now able to participate in those decisions.
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