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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fear Factor

I wondered for.. oh say about a milisecond.. why the Republican'ts would come to the defence of Democrat Wm Jeffersons' in regards to the FBI raid on his office. (The congressman who keeps his pocket change on ice).

The same Jefferson of whom the Democratic leadership has called to step down from his committees. The same Jefferson about whom the Democratic leadership asked for a full investigation.

(Amazingly different tune than the Republican'ts sang when Queen of DeNile Tom DeLay was under investigation).

An amazing display of bipartisanship not shown since the Twin Tower aftermath.

In fact I've not seen this upset even through no WMD's, Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, NSA spying, nor a host of other nasty things that have happened in the last few years.

And the reason why?

They figure they are next.....

cut to midnight scenes of scurrying aides and Congress people cleaning out their Washington Offices and makeing sure their freezers only have frozen FOOD in them.
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