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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about
Memories of my Brother as he lays in a coma.

01. Biking to Palo Alto, and having a passing driver saying he was whiped out on the road, looking back and seeing his front wheel had fallen off. He ended up with stiches and I ended up with a guilty conscience because I didn't put his wheel on tightly enough.

02. Him visiting me in College. We had a wonderful time. Very much a bonding experience. Then the same as I visited him in college.

03. A lunch with Poe Fratt, my mom and my brother. It was first time that I felt I had the edge intellectually. My brother is very very smart.

04. His long long hair in High School. I thought it was just grand, a real statement.

05. His wedding. The Bride and Maids in these great Chinese dresses. Meeting her friends and his. Speaking French to his parents in law, actually having a deep philosophical conversation. (Couldn't do that now lol).

06. He had dimples instead of knees when he was a toddler. VERY cute.

07. Years of him being my "older" little brother. Lots of great career advice.

08. The anger and disappointment I felt when he announced he was moving to France. I had this fantasy of us growing old near each other on the East Coast.

09. Wrecking his toy drummer on Christmas day in Denver with my cousin Steve. Very bad. Lots of guilt. I was a bad boy.

10. Eating his amazing cooking. In brooklyn and in France. Yumm.

11. Great phone conversations (before he got sick) about everything and anything under the sun, politics, culture, etc.

12. Seeing him with his three kids, two kids or one kid. He is an amazing Dad.

13. Watching him graduate Summa Cum Laude from NYU School of Business (Stern). An amazing accomplishment.

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