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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Update from the 'burgh

Brother Andrew

Last Friday my brother Andrew had was appears to be a nervous breakdown. This is on top of some very sensitive issues he is having already which I will not to into in detail. His wife checked him into a hospital outside Paris (where they live). He had apparently taken an overdose of anti-depressants, to what ends I don't know. It caused a problem in his brain, and last Saturday am they found him unconscious in his hospital room after an epileptic seizure. He was put into ICU as he had vommited and breathed in some of the fluids. When he was brought around the first time he became "agitated" as they say in medical speak, and was put into an induced coma. He has been in this state since Sunday. My mom and dad have gone over there to be with him. Whatever your particular faith, whether you pray or give good vibes to the Universe keep my brother in your thoughts. He has a wife and three children.


Not to add to the pressure on my mom or anything, but this week my Grandmother went back to the hospital at her request. Now she is 97, but in remarkably good health for her age. Just the last month or so it seem that she is giving up so to speak. However it was her request to go to the hospital and she seems to be more cognizant about the world since she left. Keep her in your thoughts for my mom, who is dealing with a mother and son who are sick.

Great end of the week teaching

I got a call Wed very early am from my "handler" begging me to take a "difficult" class at a different school in the district than I usually go to. Seemed the retired teacher that was scheduled for that class had been up all night with a panic attack. Well I did my magic and we had a great three days. Only one "instance" of problems, later in Wednesday. Thursday we worked all day on their inventors reports so that they could be ready for Open House that night. I am nice by saying this teacher is disorganized and messy. So I started cleaning the room up during their Gym period. When they came back they all pitched in to help. Great bunch of kids when given direction. It is experiences like this that remind me why I decided to go into teaching.
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