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Friday, May 05, 2006

The week that was.

No real blogging this week for some reason, not really sure why.

Not going to do a Thursday Thirteen either.

Saturday/Sunday. VERY slow weekend at the Shack. No cell phone sales at all. Can be frustrating.

Monday. Was scheduled to do Kindergarten but got moved to 6th grade in the morning. Had a great day, a great class. A couple of the students said I was the coolest sub they get. ya gotta like that.

Alex had a track meet on Monday but becuase he left his cell phone at home I didn't know where to meet him to watch, and he had to cool his jets back on Campus till I drove out to get him, hopefully an object lesson in remembering the cell phone.

Tuesday. Never got a call from the service, so I had an enforced day off from teaching. I worked on the vinyl project and got a few Yes albums under my belt: Tormato, Going for the One, Relayer and Tales. The process is: record the side onto a CDR-W on my stand alone CD burner connected to my stereo. Three album sides fit on one CDRW. Then I rip the sides on my hard drive, use a program to cut the side into tracks and remove any clicks or silent spots at the beginning and end. Then I encode them into 224 VBR MP3's. I also did some house cleaning, finally finished the last book in the Baroque Cycle Trilogy by Neal Stephenson. And went to the Shack, where it was a very slow night.

Wednesday. Easy day teaching, I had a student teacher, 1st grade. I've subbed for the regular teacher before and the kids know me. I had a kick ass day at the Shack selling two cell phones, one was a Treo 650 which is a truckload of money, and a nice spiff too.

Thursday. Was scheduled to teach special ed inclusion class. I got moved to an older group, kind of a "dumping" ground class I'm sorry to say of special needs (not special ed) and behavior problems. I got very OLD SCHOOL on two of the boys by putting them in a corner facing the corner early in the day, one for making a snide comment about my family and the other for throwing things. This really made a difference and the rest of the day those two along with the other difficult students in the class were really pleasant. I did make a point to pull one of the most difficult aside at the end of the day and compliment him on his behavior.

No Shack Thursday nights so I got some things accomplished. This included refilling the propane so I could do BBQ chicken, and mowing the lawn. Tiring though and I was in bed by 11. My iPod went dead while I was mowing and I was hoping mad, but I left it on instead of plugged in, and it exhausted the battery. It worked fine Friday after I recharged it. My boss at the Shack said it is a common occurance and sure enough there is a reset procedure on the iPod web site. Hopefully it was just a freeze and not a HD issue. Time will tell.

Friday. Cake day. pre-k. I'm very fond of the Teacher Assistant who is in the class and we have a great time talking. Easy day for the kids, and an easy day for me. Sold a Razr almost as soon as I walked in the store, so SPIFF's will be ok for the week.
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