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Thursday, November 02, 2006

They Cannot Loose

Who am I referring to? The Republicans of course. This is because on top of the lies and deciet the Republicant's have mastered the art of stealing elections in a 1st world country.

As shown by 2000 in Florida, where Katherine Harris locked up the state and in 2004 where Kenneth Blackwell did the same in Ohio, the Repbublican't have found every means legal and illegal to negate the will of the voters. Exit polls don't lie, just Republican thugs.

And now paperless polling machines are even more ubiquituous than ever.

No in every close race in the US Senate and House you should expect the Repbulicant's to win in a narrow margin. Bet the house on it.

We don't live in a Democracy anymore.
posted by Mike 7:10 PM


At 3:55 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Oh, c'mon Mike! Even Democrats are admitting lately that they're so busy bashing the current administration that they're not coming up with any solutions themselves. It's like, "Ok, we all agree (many Republicans included) that the Bush administration is what would YOU do instead?" All the Democrats can do is stammer after that question. THAT is why they can't win elections.
Besides, your prediction was wrong, wasn't it? ;-)


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