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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

They Declared the War, I just fight on the side that is right.

I have gotten a lot of comments from friends here and IRL about "all the parties are alike" and why I don't see that they are. Well friends they are not alike.

The Right via the Republicans have declared a cultural war from the grassroots. This is a moral, political and economic crusade to change the face of America.

They wish to tell us what movies are good for our children.

They wish to tell us what science we can research.

They wish to tell women how to take care of their bodies.

They wish to mix their religious nonsense into our school's curriculum.

They wish to make the rich richer, corporate profit margins fatter at the expense of the American worker, and the middle class suffer.

They want to tell me that my marriage is somehow cheapened because two people who are the same sex want to make the same vows to God that I did.

They say they are fighting a culture war declared upon them by Hollywood and the "East Coast Establishment". Yet never have these so called cultural warriors told middle America how to live.

They never took the bully pulpit and said: "You have to watch this movie, listen to this music, research this subject, teach this subject, have an abortion, get a divorce, etc." Not once. Not ever.

Yet the denizens of the Right feel so threatened that they for years have been slowly taking over, first county seats, then states and then the Congress to do exactly that: Tell me what I can watch, listen to, teach, what my wife or daughter can do with her body, etc.

They are hypocritical to the extreme. They have the unmitigated gall to think that they know what is better for me, my child and my family than I do.

So why say this now? Why continue the good fight? Because these people are are just stunned they are not down and out, and they will come roaring back in two years. They will not stop trying to change my America into some Religious Reich.

You ask why I don't cut the right a break? Because this is a culture war, declared on my America, and I am fighting back the best way I know how. The Democrats are not perfect, but they sure as hell are better than the alternative we have been living with for the last 12 yrs.

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