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Monday, April 02, 2007

US Air really sucks

Yes that is Liza's bag on the tarmack in Puerto Rico. We watched it crawl up the loading ramp and then drop to its peril right in front of our eyes. Good thing that almost everything in there was not fragile. The one thing that did get broken was the souvenir refrigerator magnet we had bought. Not sure what we are going to do yet about this. Yes they picked it up, but not after watching four other bags get to the top of that ramp and plummet to their peril.

So why else does US Air suck.

DID YOU KNOW that they have the nerve to charge 5 dollars for really crummy box meals during flight?

DID YOU KNOW that both our 767 going to Puerto Rico and our 757 coming out of Puerto Rico have bad audio feeds so that (god forbid) we use our own headsets to watch the movie, the sound is so crackly that the headsets could not be listened to?

DID YOU KNOW that the US Air hub in Phili is so bad that very few flights but the first ones get in and out on time?

DID YOU KNOW that last year US Air arbitrarily zero'd out unused mileage on their mileage program last year?

The actual travel story is that we left the Paradisus at 9:30 for a 12:30 flight. Our travel / hotel coordinators who put the weekend together had local talent at the airport to wisk us through the agricultural check and off to security. Security was a breeze so we ended up with and hour and a half to kill before takeoff. So we thought.....

We didn't board / takeoff until 1:30pm. The movie back up to our second leg (Phili) was "Miss Potter" which looked lovely, but ended up as I said to be unenjoyable due to the aforementioned audio situation.

We arrived with just 45 min to spare between flights and two terminals to cross. Or so we thought....

We did take the time to grab a very yummy meal from Au Bon Pain in the Phili Airport, but the service was soo amazingly lousy I can't even begin to describe the total rudeness and indifference of the employees there.

Anyway we get to the gate and the next leg is running a half hour late. Then an hour. Then we sat on the runway for 30 min....

We finally got home, I dropped Liza off at the house and went and got the Dog and the kid's clothes etc etc.

Home at last.

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