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Monday, September 10, 2007

20 years ago today (No it is 19, see above)
(comments added when I realized my mistake)

Hard to believe. Long time, yet no time at all. We got married at the Apel Inn in Altamont. It was a quite service outside, though the fireworks leading up to it almost did in the marriage, and the officiating Minister almost got replaced. The night before had been the reception dinner at the Desmond and it was a doozy, so everyone was a bit "peaked". The ceremony had lots of attendees, including three ducks and two cats.

Things are tight and a bit strained so we stuck with cards this year. For the last big anniversary's we did something, but not exactly on that date.

At 5 yrs we had Alex, a month earlier.

At 10 yrs we closed on our house 2 mo later.

At 15 yrs we took a 2nd honeymoon a year later in Paris.

So there is still time to celebrate.

This isn't sour grapes, nor is it an invitation to send a belated happy anniversary but it frankly surprises me how many called or sent letters. None.

(OK this is no big deal at 19, ask me again next year)

When my brother Andrew had his I was prompted to call, as he considered it a big deal. It is par for the course with brother Andrew. He seems to get most of the attention these days.

(just ignore this section completely)

Lets see if we make to 40 I will be a sprightly 64, heck 60 i'll only be 85 fully in the realm of possibility with the longevity of my family. Now just to see to the longevity of the marriage.......
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