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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When bad things happen to good people...

She stopped. I stopped. The car ahead of her started. She started. The car ahead stopped. I started.. and got stopped...

I looked up, she took off, I looked at my dashboard and the next thing I knew my head was on the steering wheel. She was driving a jeep and the tow bar spot nailed the front of my car... crushing the bumper, wrecking the radiator and making a general mess. The compartment was full of steam before you knew it.

ZERO DAMAGE TO HER CAR. I hate SUV’s… if it had been a car I hit there would have been minimal bumper damage to both cars.

This happened today around 5pm on the way to Radio Shack. Needless to say I didn't get there. I had it towed to my Insurance Company's body shop... and I won't know for a bit if it is done.

I love(d) this car. Think good thoughts about a repair instead of a total.

I'm quite sore. But the airbags didn't go off so part of that is from all the yardwork I did on Labor Day I figure. Still my back hurts.

Here are the cell phone pics.

And here we are at the body shop.

My only worry is that cross beam. If it is part of the frame.. then I don't see them rewelding it. Otherwise.. well we can hope it's not totaled.
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